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1 21世纪牧会的挑战 SGD5.00
2 Challenges of Shepherding Ministry in the 21st Century SGD5.00
3 自我认识课程华语光碟 SGD50.00
4 自我认识课程工作坊课本 SGD10.00
5 Self –Awareness Course Work book SGD10.00
6 情侣必修课程工作坊课本 SGD10.00
7 Courting Couple Course work book SGD10.00
8 丰盛婚姻课程华语光碟 SGD50.00
9 丰盛婚姻课程工作坊课本 SGD10.00
10 Marriage Enrichment Course work book SGD10.00
11 亲子教育课程工作坊课本 SGD10.00
12 Parenting Course work book SGD10.00
13 基督化家庭导师第一学段课程光碟 SGD150.00
14 非常性趣讲座碟片(CD) SGD5.00
15 家庭祭坛第一册/Family Altar Book I SGD15.00
16 家庭祭坛第二册 SGD15.00
17 Family Altar Book II SGD15.00
18 基督化家庭生活指南 SGD15.00
19 Guide to Christian Family Life SGD15.00
20 易经和圣经 SGD40.00
20 邮递服务费 / Postage & Handling  (FOC for order > $50/-) SGD3.00  
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Upon our confirmation please transfer your payment to DBS Current A/C: Oasisflec A/C No: 012-901033-2 and email your transaction reference, date and internet banking initial to us. We will send the items to you the next business day.

If payment is made in Malaysia Ringgit, credit to MayBank a/c no. 151017281012 Ngoi Ngie Hua.