1. Enhancing Emotional Quotient: to provide youths with the knowledge of the dynamics of their inner beings and their individual
uniqueness and group interactions for the enhancement of their EQ.

A healthy family life cycle begins with a person having self-love, self-control,
self-reliance, and self-motivation.  For this reason, we offer a 3-day and 2-night
intensive “Self-Awareness” course: to help youths who have just completed their
secondary school education or young adults to understand the structure
of their personalities, and their growth process, and to discover their potentials
and strengths, the uniqueness of man and woman, the beliefs for a blessed life,
chastity and the disciplines of life.  Besides the 7 talks on practical
life issues, there are 7 interesting and lively workshop sessions to enhance   
the skills for interaction and development of emotional quotient of the participants.  

2. Conducting Marriage Preparation courses to enhance the conviction of marriageand affirm the significance of the marriage covenant in those who plan to get

Marriage is for man and woman to express their sacrificial love, through living as
a microcosm of the body of Christ and raising their offspring in a godly manner.
Naturally, they will grow progressively in their love capacities in the family
lifecycle till they become mature attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of
We provide a 3-day and 2-night “Courting Couple Course” for participants to learn
about the blueprint of marriage, complementing each other with his or her unique
traits, communicating skills, managing conflicts and resources in the marriage, and
the significance of the marriage covenant. Couples will be guided to have their own
in-depth personal sharing one week before the commencement of the course. The
7 interesting workshop sessions will open their hearts to growing as a Covenant Family
Group. The group may continue to meet regularly with additional learning materials as follow up
activities if the group wishes to do so.

3. Facilitating Marriage Enrichment programmes where participants can better understand the patterns of transaction in marriage and enrich the quality
of their family life.

Married couples normally go through a period of adjustment in order to meet the
challenges of their new lives together, and to deal with the pressures of work and
raising their offspring. The romance may gradually grow cold, and they may quarrel
over some insignificant issues.  We provide a weekend marriage enrichment programme
for couples who may need to reorient or enrich their marriages. It begins on Friday
afternoon and ends on Sunday evening.  Through some enlightening talks, interesting
workshops and heart-warming activities to enhance the quality of interactions
between husband and wife, participants will better understand the concept of marriage,
deepen their conviction of empowering each other to fulfil the roles of man and woman
at home, and at the end of the programme affirm the marriage covenant and their faith
in Christ.

4. Providing Marriage and Family Therapy to keep the structure and pattern of interactions of marriage and family in order.

Marriage is God’s profound creation to enhance the goodness of man, as the Lord God
has said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him.”
(Gen.2:18) It is sad to see that after the success of the woman’s liberation movement,
the divorce rate in our urban societies has continued to increase.  Remarriage, followed
by divorce again have hurt countless innocent children, a common phenomenon in
today’s world. 

We provide marriage and family therapy to help keep marriages and families in
order. Those interested can contact our centre to make an appointment for meeting at
any of our centres in Singapore, Johor Bahru and Sitiawan for our service.

5. Training of Family Life Educators and Therapists to establish a devoted Faith-based community of Family Life Educators and Marriage and Family
therapists to help keep marriages and families in order.  We provide three
levels of training programmes which may be completed in three years. (For
the time being, the course is conducted in Mandarin only)

Level I: Foundation for Family Life Educator

Course participants must be born-again Christians with at least Senior Middle School
education and feel called to the ministry.  They may submit their application by
submitting the course registration form online.  It is a 7-day intensive
training course, aimed at:

  1. Helping students to be aware of their individual uniqueness and potential.
  2. Helping students understand their inner being in the light of the image and likeness of God.
  3. Familiarising students with the Basic Beliefs of the family life ministry.
  4. Equipping students for listening and giving positive feedback.
  5. Orienting students to the process of continual learning of the course contents

            and integrating what had been learnt into their lives through studying
the course books.
.      The contents of the “Self-Awareness” and the “Basic Beliefs of the Family Life        
Ministry” courses will be taught in the class and workshop sessions of the intensive
course. The students will be oriented to the process of continual growth with their
team leader after the course.

However, if any student is not able to continue with the process of learning after the
course, he may recruit some prospective candidates from his vicinity through
studying the “Challenges of Shepherding Ministry in the 21st Century”.  He may then
form his own team of between 7 and 12 candidates to attend the Foundation
of Family Life Educator course.  He will receive the skills training for his work as
an Intern of the Family Life Educator free of charge.

Level II: Intern of Family Life Educator Training Course 

Those who have attended the Foundation for Family Life Educator course
may register online with their teams of at least 7 students each to attend the
course as interns.  It is a 7-day intensive course.  The interns will listen to the lectures
on the foundation of the Family Life Educator course again in order to deepen their
understanding of the course so that they will be able to lead the book study with the
respective teams.  They will also practise their skills of facilitating their respective
teams during workshop and book study sessions for the development of their skills in
listening and giving positive feedback under the supervision of the trainer. 

Every intern will then do his course assignments as follows:

  1. Lead his team to study the book on “Self-awareness” and the “Basic Beliefs of the Family Life Ministry” and help them to integrate what they have learnt into their lives at a convenient venue and time; obtain the signature of his team members on his group study commitment card as endorsement of his good work after he has completed each of the books.
  2. He shall then organise a marriage enrichment camp with each of his team  members recruit 3 to 5 couples to attend the camp and lead the participants in their workshop sessions at the camp.
  3. He and his team will undergo the Marriage Enrichment course in the camp.
  4. He will supervise each of his team members on their follow up of the couples he had brought to the camp by studying the book on “Marriage Enrichment” and facilitating the workshop sessions to help them integrate what they had learnt into their lives. He will do the same as his team members if he had not done such an assignment before.
  5. Each of his team members shall obtain the signature of his participants for his group study commitment card as endorsement of his good work in leading the group study of the book.

Level III: Marriage and Family Life Educator cum Therapist Training Course

The course is only for those have completed the full programmes of level I and II. It is a 12-day intensive course.  The participants will be equipped for family therapy in the light of the order and the blueprint of God’s creation of marriage and family. It begins with the “Courting Couple” and “Parenting” courses in order to ensure that the course participants have fully learnt about family wellness.  It also   helps them to understand the stress caused by the various transitional stages of children in the family life cycle and the importance of differentiating from the family of origin for the wellbeing of the marriage and family of the next generation.    Theories and skills of family therapy will be taught through lectures, practical

work on cases, role play in the class and observation through one-way mirror. Every candidate who has successfully conducted a class of the “Parenting”, and “Courting Couple” courses and has acquired at least 100 hours of practical case work in the field will be awarded a Certificate to work as a qualified Family Life Educator and Therapist and be commissioned as a family keeper or ambassador of Oasis Family Life Ministry wherever he may be.